Holy heart of Mary, 
united inseparably to the Heart of Jesus,
pray for us.
Heart of Mary, Refuge of Sinners,
pray for us
All my happiness is there.
Vve. Bouasse Lebel
Amiable heart of my mother, 
you are the Heaven I wish to inhabit forever.

St. Bernard of Clarvaux: August 20

Bernard of Clairvaux: “Saviour” Is His Name From Everlasting; He Has It Of His Own Proper Nature To Save ~ ENLARGING THE HEART

St. Bernard of Clairvaux
The Mellifluous Doctor

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

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"The soul must grow and expand, so as to be capable of God. And its largeness is its love, as the Apostle says, 'Widen yourselves in love' (2 Cor 6:13). It grows and extends spiritually, not in substance, but in virtue. The greatness of each soul is judged by the measure of love that it has: he who has great love is great, he who has little love is little, while he who has no love at all is nothing.” ~ Bernard of Clairvaux ~
I rest in peace in the heart of Mary.
The humble and the little ones
are the object of her most ardent solicitude.
Bouasse Jeune, Pl. 1059
Simple, Sweet, Modest...
Mary recognizes her doves.

Feast of the Assumption, August 15

The Assumption
Original painting in gouache
on paper lace
According Tradition, after the falling asleep of the Virgin Mother, she was buried, but her body did not suffer corruption.  When the tomb was opened, it was empty, filled with flowers and the fragrance of holiness.

Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption

Freed from the weight of  the body,
the Virgin is carried to Heaven. 
With jubilation the Heavens receive her,
and the angels sing.
Chas. Van de Vyvere , Bruge, Belgium
Holy Heart of Mary, 
Temple of the Divinity, pray for us. 
Bouasse Lebel
Show yourself our mother.
I breathed the fragrance of their virtue,
 and drew them to myself to form the heart of my Mother.
Bouasse Lebel 103
Your Heart, O Holy Mother, will always favor the repentant sinner.

The sweetest homage to the Heart of Mary is a pure soul.
Treasures of the Heart of Mary 
Consider the beauties of Mary's heart, 
and see if you will ever be able to refuse her your love. 

Feast of the Transfiguration, August 6

"Listen to Him."
"It is good to be here."
Chas. Van de Vyvere , Brugge, Belgium

Vigil of the Feast of the Transfiguration

They saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus.
Felix, Paris

I see and retrace the virtues of Mary. 
Vve. Bouasse Lebel
Mary, make us worthy to be called your children.
Dopter, Paris

She is a garden enclosed and a fountain sealed. ~ Song of Songs
Open to me your Immaculate Heart, O Mary. I have chosen it as home.
Souvenir of December 8, 1854

Feast of Mary Queen of Angels, August 2

Queen of Angels
The angels contemplate her beauty
and obey her in all things.
Virgin most pure, pray for us. Regnault

First Friday

Holy Virgin
Chez Jean, Paris

AUGUST: Devotion The Heart of Mary

AUGUST: Devotion The Heart of Mary

Feasts and Memorials in August:
1. St. Alfonsus Liguri (M) August 1
2. Our Lady Queen of Angels (F) August 2
4. St. John Vianney (Cure d'Ars) (M) August 4
6. Transfiguration of Christ: (F) August 6
8. St. Dominic (M) August 8
20. St. Bernard of Clairvaux: (M) August 20
22. Queenship of Mary (M) August 22
28. St. Augustine (M) August 28

Precious Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus revivifies the earth.

Precious Blood of Jesus

No one would be left behind in this whole vast world
if they rose to You as this bird to Your feet. 
This tiny masterpiece is copyright by M. Spotl.
O, Good Pelican
Blood of Jesus!

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, July 22

Holy Joys of God's Returning.

In the first post-resurrection encounter, Jesus appears to Mary of Magdala in the garden who does not recognize Him until, hearing Him speak the name, Mary, her eyes are opened and she turns to Him.  Look at the beautiful space between their outstretched hands. Reminiscent of Michaelangelo's painting of the Creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden, the space is filled with Life and Love. The work of our return to Life begins when, like the Penitent, each of us who has recognized the Risen Lord as our personal Savior turns to Him and receives Eternal Life through the action of the Holy Spirit. Sent by the Father into the disorder of our lives, He begins the work of our sanctification and, through us, the restoration of paradise.  Through the metaphor of the garden, we can picture the Divine Gardener as He asks us to wait in expectation for the action of the Spirit whose work and whose joy it is to restore within the seeming isolation and disorder of the human condition, the true image of the Triune God. By divine grace, it is here in the heart that we are being healed, put into right relationship with God and with one another. As the Penitent runs to tell the others, so we bring Christ to one another and to the whole of creation.

From the small album:
A Garden Enclosed
Jesus, true bread of life.

St. Elijah: Carmelite Solemnity - July 20

Please visit:
~Elijah Album~  for other engravings and devotional images of the prophet and links to the Bible narrative

The Holy Prophet of God Elias, Leader and Father of the Carmelite Order

Inscription in cave where, according to Carmelite tradition, Elijah stayed: "Hanc aliquando speluncam incoluit Maguns illa Prophetarum Dux et Pater Elias Thesbites". Latin for "in this cave stayed occasionally the great leader and father of the prophets Elijah the Tishbite ".

Carmelite Series III no.33
Purify my soul, o Adorable Blood.
The Divine Gardener
The heart that is watered by the tears of the Heart of Jesus
will by its sweet fragrance enrapture the Church on earth
and in Heaven.

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: July 16

O.L. of Mount Carmel Pray for Us
K. van de Vyvere - Petyr Brugge

La Bruna: Crowned by Vatican decree on July 11, 1875

Link to: La  Bruna (The Virgin of Tenderness, or Eleousa)  the earliest image venerated by the Carmelite Order with  history of the miraculous icon from the writing of Carol Cruz.

References to La Bruna on the internet often link to The Marian Library at Dayton Universiy. Unfortunately, the author of the article cites no sources to support his subjective interpretation of La Bruna.

For those who want sound teaching on the meaning of icons, the following books are foundational: Art of the Icon: A Theology of Beauty by Paul Evdokimov and Fr. Steven Bigham   
The Meaning of Icons, by Vladimir Lossky with Léonid Ouspensky
Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying With Icons by Henri J.M Nouwen