Give me, my child, your heart,
[and let your eyes delight in my ways.]
~Proverbs 23:26
The Holy Joys of God's Returning
Bouasse Lebel.

This month, please visit the small album ~
The Divine Gardener
It is devoted to the Post-Resurrection image of the Jesus as the Divine Gardener
and the Old Testament Image of
Virgin Mary as "A Garden enclosed and a Fountain Sealed"

The soul sprinkled with the tears 
of the Heart of Jesus
will, by its sweet fragrance,
enrapture the Church on earth and in heaven. 
Letaille, Paris
The measure of our love
must be to love
without measure.
~St. Bernard
Dopter, Paris 370

O, how good is Jesus.
It is by His divine hand,
child, that he prepares
for you each day
your bread.
Bouasse Lebel pl. 3356
The divine Master gathers the flowers of His garden reserved for Him alone.
All for you, Lord, the flowers and the fruit.
“I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst."~ St. John 6:35

Jesus calls us.
He loves us
and wants to be
loved by us.

Our Lady, Mother of the Good Shepherd: Feast Day, Sept. 3

If you want to be
my sheep,
I will be your shepherdess.
If you want to be
my pupils,
I will be your teacher.
If you want to be
my children,
I will be your mother.

Story of devotion to
La Divine Bergère, also called Notre Dame de Brebière
Link to small album 
~ La Divine Bergere

September 2010

September Devotion - Our Sorrowful Mother

September Feast Days and Solemnities:
1. St. Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart, Sept. 1(Carmelite Memorial)
3. Feast of Our Lady, Mother of the Good Shepherd, Sept. 3
8. Birth of the Virgin Mary: Solemnity, Sept. 8
12. Holy Name of Mary: Feast Day, Sept. 12
14. Exaltation of the Holy Cross (or Triumph of the Cross) : Solemnity, Sept. 14
15. Our Lady of Sorrows: Memorial , Sept. 15
29. Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphel: Feast of, Sept. 29