Jerome 345-420. Doctor of the Church: Feast Day, September 30

St. Jerome - Doctor of Biblical Science
“Does one not seem to dwell, already here on earth, in the Kingdom of Heaven when one lives with these texts, when one meditates on them, when one does not know or seek anything else?” 
St. Jerome

Feast of the Archangels: September 29

Videos with Church teaching on 
Feast of the Archangels
The Archangels
The Eastern Church also celebrates the Archangels on this day. Homily by Met. Pavlos of America (Greek Orthodox) can be heard on this video:
Homily on the Archangels

More about the work of the holy angels:
Opus Sanctorum Angelorum  and
Catechesis on the Holy Angels
The thought of the cross changes thorns to roses.
Most Holy Mary Liberator
Venerated in the Church of the
Most Holy Trinity in Rome
The Cross Sanctifies the Soul.
God is Love
He who guards love lives in God and God in him.
Draw me into the bonds of Thy love.

O, Jesus, that your love might be the peace and repose of my soul,
the strength and happiness,
the aspiration of my life... 
the whole of my heart.
Queen of Angels
The angels contemplate her beauty and obey her in all things.
Bouasse Lebel 971

Small album~
Let us pray
in the morning,
Let us pray
in the evening;
God loves us
to go to Him.

Small album~
Prayer Light
The Divine Shepherdess I will cure all your ills.  I will bandage your wounds with the oil of mercy and the wine of love. Letaille 211
Your hearts are gardens precious to Jesus.
Sprinkle with the living waters of his Cross the lilies He has sown.

Small album~
Images of the Holy Cross

The Chosen Flock: in joy and pain it remains faithful to the divine shepherdess. Bouasse Lebel 1084 

Small album~ 
Divine Bergere
Divine Shepherdess Bouasse Lebel
Let those who thirst come to Me. John 7:37

Small album~
Holy Card Retreat
O God so great, who has made you so small?..  Love.
What do you ask in return?..  Love.
~St. Bernard

Small album~
Mary, Mother of God

The Generous Vine
Now, my soul burns with desire to follow You, O, my God.
Letaille, Paris

Small album~
The Holy Eucharist

The Sweet Rest of the child of Mary.
In the arms of my mother I do not fear the storm. Bouasse Lebel 545

Jesus showers with blessings the soul that is abandoned to Him.
Like a mother caressing her little one, so I console you.
Bouasse Lebel, Pl. 524

He will lead to the Fountains of Living Waters
those who have washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb.
based on Revelations Chapter 7