The Divine Arbor

The blood of Jesus
revivifies the earth.

Nest of the Dove
I will retire into solitude and there I will listen to what the Lord tells me.

Oh, that I had the wings of the dove
for I would fly away and be a rest.

small album: Holy Card Retreat

Sts. Joachim and Anne, Feast Day, August 26

Joachim: the name means, God prepares

Anne: the name means grace

Honored by both the Church in the East and in the West on this date, Sts. Joachim and Anne are also are celebrated  as  Protectors of the Carmelite Order.

Small Album: 
St. Joachim and Anne

The Hospitable Rooftop.  

They were hungry.
I have satisfied their longing.
Bouasse Lebel 1090

Purify my soul,
O, Adorable Blood.

The Divine Master sprinkles and makes fruitful
this visit of His choice.
I am the Fountain of Living Water which brings the virtues into being.
Letaille, Paris
Not content to die, to be our victim, Jesus himself gives us the food divine.
He bleeds for us, his blood pouring milk
to wash and feed his timid children.
The Blood of Jesus Christ
Lejeune, Paris

St. Elijah: Carmelite Solemnity - July 20

Please visit:
~Elijah Album~  for other engravings and devotional images of the prophet and links to the Bible narrative

The Holy Prophet of God Elias, Leader and Father of the Carmelite Order

Inscription in cave where, according to Carmelite tradition, Elijah stayed: "Hanc aliquando speluncam incoluit Maguns illa Prophetarum Dux et Pater Elias Thesbites". Latin for "in this cave stayed occasionally the great leader and father of the prophets Elijah the Tishbite ".

Carmelite Series III no.33

Source of Grace, I come to drink from your divine waters.

Divine Blessings
What greater proof of love could Jesus give us than the sacrifice of himself?
The Lamb conducts to the fountains of Living Water those whose robes are washed white in His Blood.

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: July 16

O.L. of Mount Carmel Pray for Us
K. van de Vyvere - Petyr Brugge

4th Day Novena to O.L. of Mt. Carmel

 Novena Prayer

La Bruna: Crowned by Vatican decree on July 11, 1875

Link to: La  Bruna (The Virgin of Tenderness, or Eleousa)  the earliest image venerated by the Carmelite Order with  history of the miraculous icon from the writing of Carol Cruz.

References to La Bruna on the internet often link to The Marian Library at Dayton Universiy. Unfortunately, the author of the article cites no sources to support his subjective interpretation of La Bruna.

For those who want sound teaching on the meaning of icons, the following books are foundational: Art of the Icon: A Theology of Beauty by Paul Evdokimov and Fr. Steven Bigham   
The Meaning of Icons, by Vladimir Lossky with Léonid Ouspensky
Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying With Icons by Henri J.M Nouwen

2nd Day Novena to O.L. of Mt. Carmel


 A Powerful Prayer
to be said before praying:
"Almighty Father,
I place the Precious Blood of Jesus before my lips 
before I pray,
that my prayers may be purified
before they ascend to Your divine altar."
~St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

From the small album, Prayer Light

Novena to O.L. of Mt. Carmel begins today

 Novena Prayer

Small album of Our Lady of the Scapular

With Mary the Mother of Jesus
Scapular Message  of Joseph Chalmers O.Carm, Prior General Camilo Maccise OCD, Superior General

Podcasts of Novena to O.L.of Mt. Carmel - Missouri Carmel

The Blessed Eucharist is the Testament of the Heart of Jesus.
Turgis, Paris

First Friday

The Heart of Jesus gives us the torrent of graces.

The Blood of Jesus Christ
Lejeune, Paris


Thirst quenched

The faithful sheep quenches its thirst at the life-giving sources
of the Savior.

Precious Blood of our Redeemer, it is by you that our souls will be saved.

Christ loves us and washes us in His Blood.
hand-painted illumination

St. Thomas the Apostle, Feast Day, July 3

Precious Blood of Jesus: Feast Day, July 1

It is by the virtue of My Blood,
that the heart is purified and absolved.