Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spy Wednesday 2015

FORCE (the prayer is addressed to the Holy Spirit) 
Come, Divine Force, Come and communicate to my soul a little of that courageous will that vanquished all the enemies of salvation.
Mme. Bousse Lebel (very early holy card)
On this day in a past year, Fr. Lawrence asked us to ponder the response of the disciples when Christ told them that one of them would betray Him: "Lord, is it I?" He went on to explain that by their example of humility in the presence of their Lord, we know
that none of us can feel sure of our state of holiness in the eyes of God, that in the heart of each person born into the human condition there are serpents coiled and dormant waiting to bite us, to bite each other and to bite God. He prayed that each of us who will enter into of the Great Mystery of the saving Death and Resurrection of Our Lord, may see the serpents in our own heart nailed to the Cross, raised up, as Moses raised up the serpent in the desert, foreshadowing the healing of all who look upon the Cross of Christ in faith and accept His saving power.

4/1/15 In the closing words of his homily this morning, Fr. Lawrence gave us this thought to ponder: As we hear the words of those gathered at the Table of the Lord asking of Him, "Lord, is it I?" we remember the complexity of our own human nature and ask of Him,
"Lord, have any of my actions betrayed You?"