Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY: Devotion The Precious Blood

Feast Days in July for which holy cards are included:

01. Most Precious Blood of Jesus: (S) 7/01                                                                                             03. St. Thomas the Apostle (M) 7/03                                                                                                    11. St. Benedict, Father of Monasticism (M) 7/11 
22. St. Mary Magdeline (M) 7/22                                                                                                         23. St. James, Major (M) 7/23 
29. St. Martha: (M) 7/29

Carmelite Feasts in July:
 8. Novena begins to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 7/8
11. Anniversary ~ La Bruna:The Virgin of Tenderness, Crowned by Vatican decree, July 11, 1875
16. Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel OCD (S) 7/16
20. St. Elijah, Prophet OCD (M) July 20 (Elijah is Father of the Carmelite Order)
23. Our Lady of Divine Grace (O.L. of the Bowed Head): OCD Memorial 7/23
26. Sts Joachim and Anna OCD (M), 7/26 (Joachim & Anne are Protectors of the Carmelite Order)

The Precious Blood of Jesus
The Pelican of Heaven
Doves and the Precious Blood of Jesus
Living Water
Holy Card Retreat

Carmel, the Order of the Virgin
Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Novena Prayer
St. Elijah, Prophet and Father of the Carmelite Order
Our Lady of Divine Grace
Sts Joachim and Anna Parents of the Blessed Virgin and protectors of the Carmelite Order
A Garden Enclosed